New & Coming Soon

ANFIC is continually expanding its selection of new fruit and nut varieties and rootstocks for evaluation and commercialisation.

If you have an interest in either trialling any of the new fruit varieties or being considered for other commercial opportunities, please provide your details to the ANFIC office to be added to the Expressions of Interest list being compiled for future trials and commercial developments.

If you are unable to find the information you need or have further questions, please contact the ANFIC office directly or talk to one of our ANFIC Nursery Members.

New varieties


Atina Apple

  • Red stripe apple over a yellow background. Very sweet flavour with no acid (Brix 24-27° not uncommon).
  • Medium size fruit approximately 75mm.
  • Harvest maturity with Fuji.
  • Very suitable for Asian palates.


Barnsby Apple

Australian Cripps Pink sport from WA.

  • Pink overcolour over green/yellow ground colour.
  • Sweet/tart flavour same as Cripps Pink.
  • Acid levels at harvest are less than for the standard Cripps Pink allowing apples to be eaten directly off the tree and marketed immediately without storage.
  • Medium fruit size approximately 75mm.
  • Harvest maturity up to 1 month before standard Cripps Pink.

Coming soon

Available for trial following release from Plant Quarantine. Both tree and fruit production royalties are likely for the following varieties (to be confirmed):

WA38A cv./Cosmic crisp brand apple

  • Enterprise cv. x Honeycrisp cv.
  • Size medium to large. Red, red-striped blush (55-80%) and attractive, prominent lenticels.
  • Balanced sweet/tart flavour, firm with excellent crispness and juiciness.
  • Maintains fruit flavour and texture throughout storage, flesh does not brown easily.
  • Fruit mature in Red Delicious season, 1-2 picks.
  • Fully managed program required.


Ny1 cv./snapdragon brand apple

  • Honeycrisp cv. x NY 752.
  • Medium fruit size. Strong red blush covering 80-90% of the fruit.
  • Firm and crisp with good sugar levels and low to moderate acidity.
  • Harvest maturity with Golden Delicious.
  • Resistence to powdery mildew and fireblight.
  • Excellent eating characteristics.

Ny2 cv./rubyfrost brand apple

  • Braeburn x Autumn Crisp
  • Large fruit size. Block red colour with crisp juicy texture.
  • Good sugar levels and moderate acid that provides a balance of sweet and tart.
  • Harvest maturity with Braeburn.


TC2 cv. & TC3 cv. Red flesh apples

  • Airlie Red Flesh x Honeycrisp
  • Pronounced lenticels, solid to mottled reddish-pink flesh colour
  • Sweet/tart, almost berry-like flavour, very juicy, crisp
  • Harvest maturity late Red Delicious timing
  • Red flesh colour develops after starch dissipates
  • Very attractive and excellent flavour



Areko cherry

Attractive breed with big, dark, strong and sweet fruits.
Origin: Ahrensburg (D)
Parentage: Kordia x Regina
Harvest time: +8 days Bing
Fruit characteristics: Large (30 mm, fruit weight approx. 12 grams), heart-shaped, dark red, firm and sweet fruits. Fruits are larger than Kordia. Long stem, fruit is somewhat crack-sensitive.
Pollination: Not self-sufficient.
Compatibility Group: S1S3
Productivity: Average to high
Growth: Medium, branches horizontal to light upwards growth.

Areko cherry

Marysa™ PA6UNIBO*

Flowering: early.
Tree: of high vigor and poise intermediate, well branched, high productivity.
Fruits: big size (11-12 g), cordiform, symmetrical. Peel red bright purple; rosy pulp good texture, fleshy, juicy and very aromatic, sweet with a high level of acidity.
Harvest time: -9 days Bing

Marysa™ PA6UNIBO

Korvik cherry

Due to the strong resemblance to Kordia, the better productivity and the earlier ripening this is an interesting addition to the cherry range.
Origin: Holovousy (Cz)
Parentage: Kordia x Vic
Harvest time: +6 days Bing
Fruit characteristics: The appearance of Korvic strongly resembles Kordia. Fruit are a bit softer than Kordia. Long stalk with sometimes local visible red pigment which can later color black. The fruits are free from each other by the long stems and are easy to pick.
Blooming & pollination: Not self-sufficient.
Flowering time: mid-late
Compatibility Group: S2S6

Productivity high and regular production. Clearly more productive than Kordia. Tendency to excessive fruit yield.
Besides Korvic, trees are also known as Early Korvic. It is unclear whether it is a different breed or the same race under a different name. The addition 'Early' suggests that Early Korvic ripens earlier than Korvic. However, in independent research, this has not yet been established in the near future.

Marysa™ PA6UNIBO Areko cherry