Alvina Gala


Medium, approx. 88 mm in length and 75 mm wide.


Intensity of colour is bright. Solid Red Flush with Stripes, red in colour over 95% of the fruit.




First picking date in 2008 in Victoria, Australia, was about February 20 and last picking date was about February 29 , average production was 50 kg of fruit per tree.


Tree is upright spreading, with medium vigorous growth.

Fruit properties at maturity:

Based on 10 fruit tested in the laboratory.

Acid content: Approx. 160 mg/L malic acid.

Firmness: Approx. 8.7 - 10.3 kg, averaging about 9.6 kg.

Soluble solids: Approx. 12.0 - 14.0?, averaging about 12.9%.

Starch index: On scale of 1 (high starch) to 6 (low starch), range 2 - 3, average about 2.5.

Flavor: Sweet and juicy.

Harvest dates for ‘Alvina’ and other Gala varieties in Drouin, Victoria:

Variety 2006 harvest dates 2007 harvest dates
‘Galaxy’ Gala Feb. 9 Feb. 22
‘Royal’ Gala Feb. 22 Feb. 26
‘Alvina’ Gala Feb. 7 Feb. 19

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