Krymsk™ 1 (VVA-1 cv.)

Peach, plum, apricot rootstock

Exclusive to ANFIC

General information:

Pedigree: A hybrid of P. tomentosa x P. cerasifera compatible with peach, plum and apricot, reported dwarfing.

Origin: Krasnodar region of Russia.


Vigor: Dwarfing: approx. 50% of standard.

Compatibility: Prunus persica, P.armeniaca, and P.domestica.

Suckering: Unknown.

Adaptation to soil or climatic conditions:

  • Cold tolerant.
  • Drought tolerant.
  • Waterlogging tolerant.


  • Is looking very good in the trials for peach, plum, nectarine, and apricots. Is very dwarfing at least 50%. Fruit size is very good better than Lovell on young trees. Some incompatibilities are reported in Spain with low chill nectarines. We have never seen any incompatibilities.
  • The rootstock is adaptable to many soil types including heavy soil. It does not resist stress well and can have a problem with transplant shock if not handled well. Requires good irrigation practices or the trees will be very dwarf. Seems susceptible to Pseudomonas. Good yield efficiency.
  • USA: 4-5 years of observations in California; + compatability; ++ enhancement of fruit size; compatible with Elegant Lady but not Fairtime; + suckers; apricots have a good balance of renewal growth; 10% more vigorous than Torinel and other apricot rootstocks; larger fruit of Japanese plums compared to Citation; strong point for plums.
  • Holland: Main strength of Krymsk 1 is with plums; Holland has 14 years data; 60% of full tree size; increased fruit size; less dwarf with plum than peach; works great with flowering plums; could be the best apricot rootstock, check compatibility but it occurs early; a large % of Czech varieties are okay; susceptible to bacterial canker (although never seen in the field); some resistance to nematodes.

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