Morning Mist™ (Fugachee Fuji cv.)


Medium size, approximately 80mm.


Intensity of colour is bright. Solid red flush, red in colour over 95% of the fruit.


Creamy, firm flesh.  Average 18° Brix.  Moderate juiciness and sweetness with a delicate aroma and nil astringency.


First picking date in 2008 in Washington State, USA, was early by their dates; about September 21 and last picking date was about September 26 (mid to late March in Southern Hemisphere). Productive tree.


Outstanding characteristics are the better color than standard Fuji and ripens at least 2 weeks ahead of the standard Fuji. Was discovered as a sport mutation of its parent "Fuji" tree in a cultivated orchard near Brewster, Washington in 1998.

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