Perle Cot

A fantastic coloured apricot variety (USA/France)


Medium to large round fruit, 50-55mm.


Exceptional! Bright orange with a very nice red blush on 50% of the fruit area.


Orange, firm flesh. Good flavour, juicy and sweet, very good cracking resistance.


Early to mid season, expected early to mid-December.


A new variety which is interesting for its earliness, good flavour and heavy cropping.  Pollinators include Flavour Cot or Sweet Cot.  The alleles for this variety are S7S8. Very easy to pollinate.  Trees of Perle Cot have a spreading growth habit (moderate vigour).  First fruiting in 2nd leaf trees is very quick with good regular production after 4 years.  Fruit have a very good storage life.

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