White Goose

White Goose Feijoa

A New Zealand Feijoa Variety (Exclusive to ANFIC)



FRUIT SIZE:  Large to very large.

FRUIT SHAPE: Long, medium diameter, ovoid fruit with a rounded apex, no calyx splitting.

COMMENTS: Early season, light green skin, yellow-cream flesh. Superior fruit characteristics, consistent fruit production.


  ‘White Goose’
‘Apollo’ Feijoa ‘Mammoth’
‘Triumph’ Feijoa
Fruit Maturity Early Mid Mid-late Late
Fruit shape Obovoid, elliptical ellipsoid to obovoid, long shape with a pointed stem attachment Oblong Oval
Fruit skin Light green (greener than Apollo), moderately rough Bumpy, pale green skin can be smooth (depending on nutrition) Green, slightly rough Green, moderately rough
Flesh colour Yellowish cream Cream Yellowish cream Cream
Juice Moderately juicy Juicy Juicy Juicy

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