Dr Gavin Porter CEO of the Australian Nurserymen’s Fruit Improvement Company and Horticulture Fresh Australia on this project. Gavin’s experience with Australian Horticulture has been developed through private industry and then through 17 years at the University of Queensland, Gatton campus as a lecturer in Fruit Crop Production and Manager of a 40 ha Horticulture Production Unit with experience in fruit production and research with practical involvement in stone fruit breeding, low chill stone fruit and mango production. Gavin’s industry association has been supported by industry positions in the Queensland Strawberry Industry and Australian Fresh Stone Fruit Growers Association (Research and Development Committees). Overseas experience has included research and fruit industry development in the USA, Mexico, Indonesia, West Samoa and Vietnam.

More recently Gavin was appointed Director and Corporate Secretary of AIGN (Associated International Group of Nurseries), an international company based in Washington State of the U.S.A.

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