Mr Mark Dann has been employed by HFA as the Horticulture Marketing Coordinator since June 2011. His main role is to work with strategic partners to commercialise a range of seedless mandarin and table grape varieties through the establishment of coordinated marketing groups. Mark also works closely with HFA’s parent company, ANFIC, to assist in the management of IP and existing variety programs.

PlantNet is the retail arm of HFA. The Horticulture Marketing Coordinator is responsible for coordinating promotion and marketing, providing technical information to growers and home gardeners and working with the ANFIC nursery network.

Mark's exposure to the horticultural industry in Australia has been extensive. He owned and managed his own low chill stone fruit orchard (also with plantings of avocados, custard apples and persimmons) in Queensland for 27 years. During this time Mark developed both nutritional and farm management programs for all of these crops, with a strong focus on growth management for optimum crop production.

Mark was extremely active in the early coordinated marketing groups in the horticultural industry. He worked extensively with QDPI and other industry partners. Mark was very hands on in his own business and this has transferred to his approach in his role with HFA and PlantNet.

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